Choosing a Luxury Watch that Suits Your Lifestyle

A luxury watch is often a reflection of the person that owns it. So, a lot can go into choosing a watch that suits your lifestyle. But, how do you go about deciding on a watch that suits you?

Well, here are three things that can make the road to owning a new luxury watch much easier.

3 things to consider in choosing a luxury watch based on your lifestyle

With so many options for a luxury watch, how do you choose between such reputable brands as Rolex, Patek, IWC, and AudemarsPiguet? The answer could lie in these three things – your budget, the features you need, and the lifestyle you want to meet.

Your budget

There are entry-level, mid-range, and high-end watches in all major luxury watch lines. So, depending on your budget, you can look for watches within a particular range. Most luxury watches start at $1,000 and above. There is also the option of choosing a higher-end luxury watch, but buying it pre-owned or used. There are many owners that sell certified pre-owned or used watches that come with their original box and official documentation.

What features you need

Looking at horological features can help you decide on the type of watch to suit your lifestyle.Also, what you’ll be using the watch for determines the types of features you’ll look for. If you’ll be swimming, check the water resistance rating. Do you want a tourbillon, multiple alarms, GPS tracking? Luxury watches are designed for practicality, functionality, and style, so you have choices.

Your Lifestyle

Your watch should be a reflection of you. You don’t want to order one that just stands out glaringly in contrast to what you do. So, in following the number one rule of buying a watch, let’s look at finding something wearable to suit your lifestyle.

If you have an active lifestyle, brands such as AudemarsPiguet have made a name for themselves for active-wear watches. With watch series such as theirRoyal Oak Offshorewhich is carefully designed for the active lifestyle, you can get a watch that reflects your true passions.

If you’re looking for a dress watch, a brand such as Rolex has an image of timeless watches. These often fit most occasions and are striking pieces. Swiss brands such as Patek and IWC or well-known for the classic luxury watches or complicated movements. It’s all about your style and tastes.

What journeys do you plan to take with your timepiece? Every luxury watch tells a story. What will yours say about you?


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